Saturday, May 21, 2011

30 Day Facebook Challenge-Post #7


My children are the people who have always had the biggest impact on me 
since the day they were each born:
Marcel Gerry Donovan- July 15, 1989 
(Marcel for his grandfather, Gerry for his father, Donovan for me...
lol well a masculine version of me)
Amberle Sarah-Anne- June 26, 1990 
(Amberle named for a character in my fave Terry Brooks book -The Elfstones of Shannara, Sarah-Anne because I always thought it pretty)
Gibson James Peter- Feb. 6, 2001 
(Gibson for a character in the movie The Sure Thing named Walter Gibson
 because his friends always called him Gib for short-which I thought was cool, 
James for my father, Peter for his father ;) lol)
Life with them has been a mixture of joy and sorrow, fun and drama, 
stress and worry, pride and love.
Children can test the limits of your endurance and also in a single moment 
give you all the meaning and purpose in life that you need!
I love each of them more than they ever will imagine and I am happy, 
honoured and proud to be their mother. :)

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