Monday, June 13, 2011

30 Day Facebook Challenge-Post #30


Pic of someone I miss...
every day there is some issue in my life that would be easier to handle if you were still here with me to encourage and support and listen...and even to fight and argue and be irritated by my stupid choices lol
I miss you very much dad xo wish you were still here
even tho I hear your voice in my head it would be really sweet to hear it again for real! xo

30 Day Facebook Challenge-Post #29


A pic that ALWAYS makes me smile: marzipan babies...

real babies also make me smile!! :D

check out more of the candy babies:

Saturday, June 11, 2011

30 Day Facebook Challenge-Post #28


Something I am AFRAID of...

Come on! You can see how ugly they are? lol

Friday, June 10, 2011

30 Day Facebook Challenge-Post #27


Me & A Family Member...

My BABY!! :)
A pic of ME and my angel baby boy Gib :D
This was taken the day we took a hike down the Wilson's Falls was a great day but man I was tuckered out at the end of it!! :op

30 Day Facebook Challenge-Post #26



Last year and have I changed?
duh...obviously my hair colour!! lmao

Hmmm...I have learned so many things over the course of a year and the biggest is that wallowing in self pity has no point but to allow you to make excuses for why you're not doing SOMETHING to make whatever it is better...
think positive...take out the good things from every lesson and throw away the can't help you move can only keep you down...maybe you can't change EVERYTHING about your situation...maybe you can't DO very much...maybe you're STUCK...but if you work hard tt CHANGE YOUR ATTITUDE and think positive it can get better a lot faster!!!!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

30 Day Facebook Challenge-Post #25


My Day...
A big part of my days have been spent hangin out with Melli so why not a pic of us doing just that? lol
She moved to the other side of town tho and it's too far for me to walk!!!!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

30 Day Facebook Challenge-Post #24


Something I wish I could CHANGE...

I wish wishing could change all the people in the world who deal with their troubles with violence.
HITTING does NOT solve issues but rather complicates, damages and breeds more issues.
Not to mention the damaging soul scars it leaves behind. :(

30 Day Facebook Challenge-Post #23


Fave BOOK:

Seriously I have MANY favourite books so it's hard to pick just one...I enjoy all the books written by Terry Brooks...he's one of my fave authors...but this one is my was a story that drew me in right from the beginning...and I named my daughter after the main character...Amberle....if you like fantasy stories I say def read the whole series but it's ok if you read them out of sequence because each of the books is a story from a different generation and can stand by itself.
I just LOVE the characters written by Terry Brooks!!
Another reason this one is special to me is that my dad bought my copy of it for me for xmas one year. It was the only thing I really wanted cause I couldn't afford to buy it myself then and I asked mom for it...I was very naughty that year because I snooped under the xmas tree and as soon as I found the package I knew it was my book! So I opened the end and rewrapped it to check and of course it was my book...but my dad had written a little note on the inside and it made me really really happy! (I never snooped again like that after that time...because I figured out that giving me what I wanted so much made my dad just as happy as me getting what I wanted!! and snooping wasn't fair to him :( tho I didn't have to pretend I was excited lol)

30 Day Facebook Challenge-Post #22


Something I wish I was Better at...

I WISH I was better at cleaning...but I am NOT a clean freak and I'm never gonna be...I accept myself and my flaws...maybe you should too...I sure would and WILL enjoy the future time in my life when there is NO need for toys to multiply in every corner of every room in my house!

30 Day Facebook Challenge-Post #21


Someone You See Yourself marrying...

We have been together now 15 years, married 13 and 
I couldn't see myself married to anyone else!
Love you sweetness xo always! :)

30 Day Facebook Challenge-Post #20


Somewhere I would like to travel...


(maybe to visit my friend Gian) :)

30 Day Facebook Challenge-Post #19

OOPS! I got VERY behind again!

First 10 Ipod (or Mp3 or playlist) Songs Shuffled

Shuffle IPOD and list first 10 songs that play randomly:
(I don't have an ipod so I used my media player)
Crying in the Rain-Whitesnake
Last Goodbye-Kenny Wayne Shepherd
Love is My Religion-Ziggy Marley
Jessie's Girl-Rick Springfield
You & I Both-Jason Mraz
Don't Talk to Strangers-Rick Springfield
Smash Riddim-Turbulence
Is This Freedom-Lucky Dube
Holy Diver-Dio

some very good tunes ;)

Thursday, June 2, 2011

30 Day Facebook Challenge-Post #18


Nicknames I have and WHY:

Donald, Donald Duck, Donald Quack Quack, or Quack: All variations of Donald Duck which ANYONE who is named Dawn (or Don) probably got called at some point or another!! ;) 
Denise and Scott both still call me Donald sometimes...

Devil Woman: hubby calls me from the movie quote: "Don't tell me my business Devil Woman!!"

Lady Evil: Shawn says...she's not Devil Woman, she's Lady Evil 
(from the song-Black Sabbath)...because I am so NOT evil??? lol

Judas Priestess: another from Shawn 
...if you want to know the why maybe ask him to tell

HonBun: is hubby's name for me and it's short for Honey Bunny...
even cuter is Gibby when he was a baby calling me MomBun lmao :)

and some of my friends just call me D...
apparently it is possible to shorten the short name of Dawn by just using my first initial!! 
who knew?? lol (I like it!) :)