Thursday, June 2, 2011

30 Day Facebook Challenge-Post #18


Nicknames I have and WHY:

Donald, Donald Duck, Donald Quack Quack, or Quack: All variations of Donald Duck which ANYONE who is named Dawn (or Don) probably got called at some point or another!! ;) 
Denise and Scott both still call me Donald sometimes...

Devil Woman: hubby calls me from the movie quote: "Don't tell me my business Devil Woman!!"

Lady Evil: Shawn says...she's not Devil Woman, she's Lady Evil 
(from the song-Black Sabbath)...because I am so NOT evil??? lol

Judas Priestess: another from Shawn 
...if you want to know the why maybe ask him to tell

HonBun: is hubby's name for me and it's short for Honey Bunny...
even cuter is Gibby when he was a baby calling me MomBun lmao :)

and some of my friends just call me D...
apparently it is possible to shorten the short name of Dawn by just using my first initial!! 
who knew?? lol (I like it!) :)

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