Tuesday, June 7, 2011

30 Day Facebook Challenge-Post #23


Fave BOOK:

Seriously I have MANY favourite books so it's hard to pick just one...I enjoy all the books written by Terry Brooks...he's one of my fave authors...but this one is my FAVE...it was a story that drew me in right from the beginning...and I named my daughter after the main character...Amberle....if you like fantasy stories I say def read the whole series but it's ok if you read them out of sequence because each of the books is a story from a different generation and can stand by itself.
I just LOVE the characters written by Terry Brooks!!
Another reason this one is special to me is that my dad bought my copy of it for me for xmas one year. It was the only thing I really wanted cause I couldn't afford to buy it myself then and I asked mom for it...I was very naughty that year because I snooped under the xmas tree and as soon as I found the package I knew it was my book! So I opened the end and rewrapped it to check and of course it was my book...but my dad had written a little note on the inside and it made me really really happy! (I never snooped again like that after that time...because I figured out that giving me what I wanted so much made my dad just as happy as me getting what I wanted!! and snooping wasn't fair to him :( tho I didn't have to pretend I was excited lol)

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