Wednesday, September 19, 2012

FatCats: *~*Momma Bug*~*

Momma last Christmas playing with daddy and one of her fave toys (my hair elastics)!
She LOVES them!!

FatCats: *~*Miss Moochie*~*

This is Miss Moochie sitting on me which WAS something she didn't much do.
This was the FIRST time but, NOW she sits on me whenever she likes! ;)
MooMoo really needs a buddy!

FatCats: *~*Doodle*~*

Original Post: 10/13/2011
I think we have lost another cat...I don't know where or what has happened to him but, our Doodle hasn't been home for 3 days now and he is NOT tomming because he's been fixed for a long while now. :( I'm feeling very sad about it and wish that he would come home and everything will be alright again. We've lost too many lately! We are down to two of them, Moochie and Momma Bug. My favourite girls. Hubby says no more pets when they are gone but, I can't live without a cat so I hope these two will be around a long time yet!!!


Original Post: 10/13/2011

Rambunctious (Bunky)






Creepy & Lovey


CC~Creepy Cat


FatCats: Cuddle Buddies

Original Post: 08/11/2011

Doodle & Moochie's fave thing to do is laze and cuddle together somewhere. They groom each other too! All our cats have had very sweet temperaments and loving personalities so we are very, very LUCKY!!

FatCats: ~*LadyBug*~

Original Post: 08/16/2010

Baby Bug, Princess Bug, Momma Bug and now You will always be my favourite girl Bug! :) xo

FatCats: ~*BoonDock*~

Original Post: 08/16/2010

As of the first week of August 2010 Boondock has gone missing. :( I miss the little hairball and I wish he was here with me. IF he is lost I hope someone finds him and loves him. IF he was taken I hope whoever felt the need to steal him from his home and family is taking EXCELLENT care of him because he deserves it. IF something bad happened to him :( I'm sorry Boon but I love you no matter where you are. I have to believe that you have just or are fulfilling the purpose you were created for. We enjoyed every second of the time you spent with us and will love and miss you always. x0 much love Booner

FatCats: ~*Baby Boondock*~

Original Post: 01/10/2010

FatCats: ~*Momma Bug's*~ 2nd litter...

Original Post: 11/18/2009
She had 3 babies again this time but the third one didn't make it. :( It was a ginger tabby markings and would have been as cute as the others.
We had the grey one for 4 days and then he died too.
Momma is kind of sick of kittens I think since she had them so close together.
This little one is a week old today and seems to be healthy but I will keep my eye on both of them.
I hope she does well since she's so very sweet. :)

FatCats: ~*DJ*~ & ~*CC*~

Original Post: 11/18/2009
Baby gone to a new home and these two are getting bigger by the day!!

FatCats: ~*CC*~ {Curious Cat}

Original Post: 07/20/2009

FatCats: ~*Baby*~

Original Post: 07/20/2009

FatCats: ~*DJ*~ {Doodle Junior}

Original Post: 07/20/2009
Doodle Junior ;)

FatCats: ~*DJ*~ ~*Baby*~ & ~*CC*~

Original Post: 07/20/2009
Our babies:

FatCats: ~*PRINCESS BUG*~ has babies!

Original Post: 06/17/2009
About Bug's babies.

FatCats: ~*DOODLE*~ & ~*BUG*~

Original Post: 10/14/2009
About the babies.