Sunday, May 15, 2011

30 Day Facebook Challenge-Post #1


1. I learned to read when I was about 4 or 5 and I have never stopped reading since!
2. I am the girl who will LOOK IT UP if I don't know something.
3. A little known fact amongst even my friends is that I have earned 4 diplomas through correspondence courses. (Art, Journalism/Short Story Writing, Managing Your Own Business, and Wildlife/Forestry Conservation)
4. I have been known to read a dictionary on occasion because i LOVE words.
5. I believe reading makes a person smarter so I've been known to gift a newborn their very first BOOK!
6. I read to all three of my children while they were in the belly. ;)
7. I can be alone (without people) but I cannot live very long without the comfort of a cat.
8. I love SHOES! (I AM a shoe diva!)
9. Being capable of learning the drums and PLAYING them feels like PURE joy!
10. I LOVE a good story.
11. My mom's best friend had 4 boys who I grew up with (both loving and hating them just like brothers) ;) and are probably a BIG part of the reason I love boys so much! lol

12. I dream in vibrant colours and details like watching movies in my head.
13. If I don't know the actors or actresses in a movie I will LOOK IT UP! lol
14. I have been cooking Christmas dinner for my friends every year since I was 18. (22 years)
15. I am quite often too serious so I appreciate people who make me laugh! :)

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