Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Mosel Riesling Cat Bottle Wine

Earlier today I was talking to a friend about my favourite wine and it got me doing a search online so I could tell him the name of it.  It is a German Riesling and comes in a cat shaped bottle.
I am siiting and drinking a lovely glass of it right now as I blog.
It is a Mosel-Saar-Ruwer Riesling.
Searching led me to find the name Moselland and a lovely little story about the origins of the wine and the cat bottle.  Apparently, three wine merchants came to choose a wine and after sampling a variety of barrels had narrowed it down to three.  A black cat jumped up on one of the barrels and would not allow any of them to get close so they decided this must be the best barrel of wine.
Moselland was the first company to market their wine in a black cat shaped bottle.
These bottles became so popular there are now many colours of bottles.
I started collecting these bottles at Christmas time every year and I now have 10 of them and I hope to eventually have them all.
I have a clear bottle, a metallic green bottle, a dark green bottle, a dark purple bottle, 
and a metallic lime green bottle.

AND I also have a metallic silver bottle, a metallic blue bottle, two frosted red bottles 
and a metallic purple bottle.

I am usually picky about wines and generally only like sweeter ones so it's an added bonus that:
I truly enjoy the wine...it's a light fruity flavour and that makes collecting the bottles extra fun!

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  1. I just discovered these wine bottles and the story. I hope to start collecting them as well, and I haven't even tasted the wine yet!