Tuesday, July 28, 2009

MY Colour

If I had to describe myself as a colour I would have to say I am a rainbow of colours!

Just like a diamond with many facets,

I am a variety of shifting colours to express my mood.

Usually I am BLUE...I think we all know what that means...SAD.

Sometimes I am varying shades of blue, red and green which to me is sad, stressed and confused...

and then I can be RED....watch out for that one!!

On occasion I can also be yellow!

I think my kids enjoy this one the best but, sadly it is a rarity.

I think sometimes I can be pink (which to me is just flirty and feminine).

AND I believe I am doing really well if I can be purple.

This is the deep, rich colour I am when I am just chillin' with my friends and family!

This to me is the colour of CONTENTMENT!

So how's that for a wacky conversation!!

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